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About Us
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This is the page where I'll describe us in more detail.

Bob & Cathy...back to the 50s

We live in the beautiful state of Alabama. Transplanted from the Washington D.C. area in 1970. We are in our early 60s and retired. We have 4 grown children and a slew of grandkids who are the light of our lives. We enjoy traveling,visiting friends and family and are both involved in volunteer service work.

We grew up, became adults and married in the 50s. We took our honeymoon on a "57"Chevy in 1958. I've lived in 8 different decades and the 50s was the best and the cars were the coolest. Now I have been known to be wrong,but I don't think so this time.hehehe

57 Chevy cutting figure 8s

This pretty well shows how much fun I had in that 57 Chevy

Favorite pastime

For me(Bob) it's playing on my computer.

For Cathy it's setting on the deck watching the wildlife in the backyard.