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Vacation Photo Album
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Many of these shots are with our good friends, Ron & Val Bradley

Bob & Cathy...back to the 50s

amazing sand sculpture

really neat,huh

art is where you find it,huh?

on the beach OC Md.2000

Hey! It's not nice to laugh at cool dudes

Vacation 2001 Myrtle Bch SC

sting·ray (st¹ng"r³") n. Any of various rays of the family Dasyatidae, having a whiplike tail armed with one or more venomous spines capable of inflicting severe injury. Also called stingaree

Braver than she looks...she parasails too
2003 Carnival cruise- Cathy captures "Giant Stingray"

Ocean City Bch 2000

beautiful sand sculpture

Bob&Cathy Ron&Val OC Bch Md

The Beach Bums 2000

at the Outback with the Bradley's

out to dinner with the Bradley's