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Bob & Cathy...back to the 50s
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Welcome to our personal web site!

Here you'll learn a little something about us: our interests and hobbies, the people in our family, and more. I've even included a list of my favorite links to the 50s sites.

rocket bob

This was my first new car.

Microsoft Bob's 57 Chevy

1957 Chevy Bel Air Sport Coupe model with the 283 V-8 Power Pack engine

Black & White TV

You could hardly see for all the snow
So you spread the rabbit ears far as they'd go,
And pull a chair up to the TV set,
"Good night David, Good night Chet."

Depending on the channel you tuned,
You'd get Rob and Laura or Ward and June,
Or Andy Griffith and Barney Fife,
Lawrence Welk or This Is Your Life.

I Love Lucy and The Real McCoys,
Dennis the Menace and the Cleaver boys.
Rawhide, Gunsmoke, Wagon Train,
Superman and Lois Lane.

Father Knows Best and Patty Duke,
Rin Tin Tin and Lassie too,
Donna Reed on Thursday night -
Life looked better in black and white.

They were simple folks living a simple life
Where everything always turned out right.
The good guys always won the fight.
I wanna go back to black and white.

In God they trusted, in their own bed they slept,
And a promise made was a promise kept.
They never cussed or broke a vow,
They'd never make the network now!

Nowadays nothing's the way it seems
In living color or on the screens.
The good guys don't always win the fight
And life doesn't always turn out right.

If only I could, I'd rather be
In a TV world of '63.
It felt so good, it felt so right,
Life looked better in black and white.

I'd trade all the channels on the satellite
If I could just turn back the clock tonight
To when everybody knew wrong from right -
Life was better in black and white!

Author...Steve Vaus


Wow! always more to do...


I hope to update this page often with new photos with the new digital camera Santa brought me.


The King lives on through his music

Look at Bob & Cathy go !

50s style dancing

Click below for the 50s sound

Grease's Summer Nights

click here to play some 50s music

another 50s song here

and one more 50s song

here's another Golden Oldie

Ahhh! remember 45s?

Made my 78s

Check out these 45 RPMs on RealPlayer

The Savilles...Loving you(is my desire)

Slades...You gambled(with love)

Four Pearls...Look at me

Young Lions...How wrong you are

David Winters...Lori Anne

got 6 plays for a quarter

57Chevy slide show

ain't they pretty ?