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50s pics
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Oh~please! please! ........... take me back to the 50s

Bob & Cathy...back to the 50s

Below are some 50s pics

1957...At Cathy's house the year before we married

Elvis & Priscilla? NO! it's Bob & Cathy

Look Ronnie...your time is about up as a free man

Ronnie's wedding 1963

L-R  Carl,Marti,Cathy,Ron,Val & Bob

50s Huntington gang in 2001


I bought my first car in 1953.It was a 1939 Oldsmobile
convertible....sure wish mine had looked this good


Loved my dark blue 1950 Ford~ but if I didn't
wax it once a week it turned purple


In the 50s I also had a 1948 Plymouth Coup
like this one only black. Nice little car until
I hit a telephone pole.


Bought this 55Chevy convertible from my friend
the late John Landry in 1962 a couple are 60s...that's close

My BEAUTIFUL bride for 5 years by this time

Cathy in Ronnnie's wedding 1963

Mount Vernon High School

Mt.Vernon...our high school

Cathy and I would steal a kiss under these stairs

Stair case in Mt Vernon High


Yes I also had a gray 1947 Kaiser
During my teen-age years, back in the 50s,
I was rough on cars...thus the Kaiser

This was an awesome car...I loved it

My 2nd farorite car of all to the 57chevy

Bought off the showroom floor as a couple

1960 Renault-Our first brand new car


My 1949 Nash Ambassador had seats that
laid down and turned into a bed...Cool huh?

My "GOAT" would outrun anything in the county

1966 Pontiac GTO the fastest thing I've ever owned.
Tri-power engine.389cid/360hp/4 speed trans